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Key West Fishing Rates

3hr Fun Fishing $525.00 We fish the close inshore patch reefs for small snappers, sharks and barracuda. This trip is meant for a group of fun individuals that is looking for a short, close to shore, fish catching adventure. It is a fun inexpensive way to get out on the water.                         

Things to remember: We do not keep any of the fish. 

If you would like to catch some dinner, you may want to consider the 4hr or 6hr trips. (Maximum of 4 anglers).

4hr Reef Fishing $625.00 We Bottom Fish on the Reef for Snapper, Grouper, Sharks, Makerel, and whatever else may come by. Lots of fishing action to keep you busy. Catch your fresh fish dinner for that evening. (Max. of 4 Anglers.) BOOK DIRECT AND SAVE $100.00. REGULAR PRICE $725.00
6hr Reef/Troll Combo $825.00 Reef fish in the morning for Snapper, Grouper, Sharks, Mackerel, and whatever else may come by. After we get our fill of catching reef fish we can continue offshore to troll for Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Sailfish, Mackerel and Wahoo. Its a great way to experience different types of fishing all on the same day. (Max. of 4 Anglers.) BOOK DIRECT AND SAVE $100.00. REGULAR PRICE $925.00
6hr Solo Angler Special                             



This is reserved for the individual that is solo and wants to get out on the water but doesn’t have or want anyone to join them. It is reserved for only one person. You get the whole boat to yourself the trip is not shared with any other individuals, wow what a deal!!!!! Remember this is only for one person if you have two it is regular price, no exceptions. No booking agents
4hr Fun Fish Combo $550.00 Choose any two of the four options below and explore the beautiful backcountry waters of Key West, Fl. What better way to enjoy a couple different adventures at one time. Call anytime to discuss your best combo trip for your selected day.

*Fun Fishing (Max of 4ppl) (Add $50.00)
*Deserted Island Sandbar
*Dolphin Watch

Windy Conditions

There are days when the wind does not allow us to go offshore. On these days we adjust our trip to fish in locations, at the captains discretion, that are more protected from the weather. Once you reserve your day you agree and understand that this could be a possibility. Cancelling your trip because you do not agree with this decision will result in a charge of 50% of the cost of your reserved charter. None of us want this to happen but of course we can’t control Mother Nature. We have to adjust to make sure everyone is safe and having fun. We can still have fun and catch fish in any situation. It’s also possible you may have an individual in your group that may not like the wavy action.  We don’t let that stop us from catching.

Terms & Conditions

  • A Valid Credit Card Number Is Required to reserve your day. There will be an additional fee for using a credit card as payment the day of the charter (The reason for the fee is that credit card processing companies are very greedy and are continuously raising processing rates). The fees are as follows 3hr=$15.00 4hr=$20.00 6hr=$25.00 . If you do not show up for your scheduled day your credit card will be charged 50% of the price of your charter. If you have any issues with your scheduled day be sure to communicate them well in advance to reschedule the day of your charter.
  • All Cancellations Must Be At Least 30 DAYS Prior To Scheduled Charter or you will be charged 50% of the price of your charter.
  • If The Captain Cancels For Any Reason, Weather or Mechanical, You Will Not Be Charged.
  • By reserving your day with a credit card number you are acknowledging and approving Patrick Godsell LLC and can charge you 50% of the price of the charter if you and your group don’t show up for the reserved date.

We always have fun and WE ALWAYS CATCH FISH!!!