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Boat Trips

A boat trip is definitely the best way to see the beautiful turquoise waters of Key West Florida. Tour the crystal clear waters all from the comfort of your own private charter. The boat boasts affordable prices, a huge open deck, cooler with ice, comfy chairs, beanbags and a private changing area with a porta potty for the ladies. Join us for an unforgettable adventure on the beautiful waters of Key West, are you ready?

What’s included in a private boat trip in Key West? You have several options to choose from

  • Deserted Island Sandbar
  • Dolphin Watching
  • Snorkeling
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Island Tour
  • Fun Fishing

You can choose one event or combine a couple on a longer trip to double or even triple your fun. We offer boat trips in different lengths to accommodate every customer. You can even come up with your own plan and we can discuss the best options

Choose from the following:

2hr $300.00 – Island Tour or Sunset Cruise
3hr $400.00 – Choose One from the list above
4hr $500.00 – Choose up to Two
6hr $675.00 – Choose up to Three

*Add $25.00 for fun fishing

See below for descriptions of the options for your boat trip:

Deserted Island Sandbar

If you are interested in visiting a remote island sandbar away from
the crowds of Key West then this could be the option for you. Take a nice boat ride in the
shallow clear backcountry waters while scoping out the beautiful raw nature that is right in front
of your eyes. Arrive at the island and beach the boat right up on the sand. Take a walk down
the beach, look for some sea shells and enjoy the beautiful turquoise waters that surround you.
The water is shallow so it’s perfect for lounging around and forgetting about the real world while
enjoying your favorite cold beverage. You can also add in other events to round out the day if
you like or just stay and enjoy the island.

Dolphin Watching

See the resident wild dolphins in the wild right in front of your eyes. The
shallow warm turquoise waters are home to several pods of local dolphins that hunt and play in
the waters of Key West. It is an awesome year round habitat for these pods. Key West’s
Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins are never fed or trained. We observe the natural behaviors of the
dolphins hunting and playing in the wild. Come see these beautiful mammals in person.


Snorkel the beautiful waters of Key West and see nature live right in front of your
eyes. Watch the beautiful marine life in their natural habitat. We can snorkel the deeper barrier
reef or if you prefer a more shallow area. We can visit the local sponge beds or shallow smaller
coral reefs.The location of the snorkel spots will depend on the weather for that day of course
but all the spots are awesome. We provide sanitized snorkel gear, instruction and noodle floats.
You are also welcome to bring your own gear if you like. Let’s get out on the water.

Sunset Cruise

Enjoy your private Sunset Cruise in the HIstoric Key West Harbor. No crowds
just you, your family or friends on a great boat trip. Slowly cruise the harbor visiting all the
surrounding interesting sights. See the Mallory Square street performers, Sunset Key,
Christmas Tree Island, hear the live music at the sunset pier, see the beautiful nature and
wildlife, get away from the traffic for a while and enjoy your own quiet area on the ocean or
come up with your own plan. When it’s time for the sun to set, get your unobstructed view of
one of the most famous sunsets around the world. Bring your favorite snacks and drinks so you
can enjoy your favorite beverages while you relax on the water.

Island Tours

This tour is very similar to the jet ski tours you see all around the island. However
the difference is you get to do it on the comfort of your own private boat. Circumnavigate the
island of Key West while seated comfortably in your boat chair or bean bag while sipping your
favorite drink. You’re not going to get to do that on a jet ski. See all the great sights and discuss
some of the famous history of the area. This boat trip is an awesome, affordable way to get on
the water for a short time. It’s great for people of all ages.

Fun Fishing

We stop for a very short time on a patch reef and catch a few grunts, small
snappers, and possibly a barracuda or shark. This type of fishing is not for the serious angler it
is just a fun way to spend a short time hooking a couple fish. We do not keep any fish. Most of
the trip is concentrated on the other events. Fun fishing is an opportunity to get a taste of what it
is like to catch fish. If you are looking for a more serious fishing adventure we do offer 4 and 6
hour fishing options. You can call or check out for more details.