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Key West Fishing Captains

Patrick and Manny have been partners in the charter business and a commercial fishing boat for the last 25 years. Patrick ran the charter boat and Manny ran the Commercial fishing boat.  After all these years we decided to get out of commercial fishing and have Manny join the fun on the charter boat. Patrick has spent two plus decades as a commercial fisherman/diver and fishing guide.

Manny was born and raised in Key West and has been scouring these waters as a commercial fisherman, diver and fishing guide for the last 35 years.  We have both spent our lives making a living off the beautiful turquoise waters in Key West.  As an owner/operated business we can assure you top notch individualized service. 

We have added a great younger captain this year that has been attending Patrick and Manny‚Äôs College of Fishing.  Captain Ben has dreamed to be a commercial/charter fisherman his entire life. He was given the opportunity over 4 years ago to start from the bottom and work his way up to captain under the stringent rules and training of our fishing college.  Ben was up for the challenge, excelled very quickly and now has graduated with a masters in fishing/customer service and a minor in boat repair. We did not make it easy to get that degree but Ben has stuck with it the entire time and without a doubt has earned his spot as captain.

When booking your charter I suggest you choose one that is owner/operated, there are some great ones here in Key West. With the experience of a seasoned captain you can rest assured that you will always have the highest quality of service and the best trips available in the keys.

And the best part is…

We always have fun and WE ALWAYS CATCH FISH!!!