The Capt


My goal is to always give you quality service, fair prices and an unforgettable adventure on the water. With 20+ years fishing, diving and exploring the waters of the Keys I know where all the hotspots are for fishing, diving/snorkeling, dolphins, islands and more.  With so many years experience you will enjoy all the beauty and excitement the pristine waters of Key West has to offer. 

I have spent two decades fishing Key West both as a commercial/charter fisherman/diver and guide.  I can promise you top notch individualized service with an experienced captain.  Many other charter companies claim they have twenty years experience but the captain is only 25 yrs old and many outfits you encounter online do not even own a boat.  These are the companies to be aware of.  When booking your charter I suggest you choose one that is owner/operated, there are some great ones here in Key West.  At you are assured excellent service by the owner and WE ALWAYS CATCH FISH!!!!!!!!!

With the experience of a seasoned captain you can rest assured that you will always have the highest quality of service and the best trips available in the keys.  And the best part is WE ALWAYS HAVE FUN AND ALWAYS CATCH FISH!!!!!!!